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About Us


Cannabis is helping thousands of people get their life back. Although medical research is still constantly expanding with marijuana, there is plenty of research we use to help guide you in selecting the right strains and products for your health issues.

Envie is a local, family-owned business and is founded on the grounds of natural health and wellness. When first starting our cannabis boutique, we found a lacking in the quality of cannabis in Oklahoma. Because of our desire for high quality and pure cannabis, we personally travel to Stillwater and Hydro, Oklahoma regularly where we see the production and growing of the cannabis from seed to harvest. We are big believers in watching what we put in our body. As Young Living consultants, we have learned and studied about the kinds of everyday products we use and the kinds of ingredients which are actually toxic to our bodies that go inside of these products. Needless to say, the cannabis plant and essential oils are both natural products that bring many healthy, non-toxic benefits to our bodies and minds.




1402 S. PEORIA
TULSA, OK 74120